Paul Fitz-Patrick


Learn How To Line Dance The 3 Most Popular Ways for Beginners

30th May 2011
You've seen it or you've heard about it and now you want to learn how to line dance. Everyone should give it a go as it is so much fun and terrific exercise as well. Not sure how to get started? Here a a few suggestions to get the ball rolling. Line Da... Read >

Line Dance History

11th April 2011
The term line dancing is a very complicated one. It can be defined in various ways, but the best definition today is that it is a choreographed type or form of dancing that comprises of several dance movements that are repeated. The repetition comprises o... Read >

Line Dancing Songs

11th April 2011
There are line dancing songs that are being used in a global scale for line dance performances. This is a universal fact that is being observed in most countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Singapore. This prompted the wor... Read >